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Juan C. Sanz – Founder, Head Tutor.
  • Fluent in Spanish, English, French. Beginners Hebrew and Russian.
  • Certificate in Teaching English Language – Trinity College London, 1987
  • B.A. Hons in Business with Marketing and French.
  • Masters in Teaching Spanish Language and Culture  – FIDESCU and Salamanca University 2009
  • Wide experience teaching Politics, languages, Economics and Business both privately and in schools in France, England, Ireland, Germany and Spain during more than 20 years.
  • Other positions held: business writer, local councillor (Spain), government election invigilator (5 years) and Assistant Judge of Peace (2 years) in Spain.
Our Mission
To offer global practical, inspiring tutoring and training services to individuals and organizations in English or Spanish.

Our tutoring is based mostly on A-level syllabuses from the UK or equivalent from Ireland, but adaptations can be made for other countries.

All kinds of organizations can avail of our training. On-site as well as online training can be delivered, at a little extra cost.

Our Vision
Learn to get practical knowledge

Think to examine what you learn

Apply your new critical knowledge

Our vision encourages our students to excel, by providing them with tools that allow them to succeed.

Our Goals
1 To teach our students to learn, think and apply what they learn, and to use relevant media (videos etc.) to reinforce their learning.

2 To supply our students with practical knowledge, and to refrain from instucting  their thought (especially where subjects such as ethics, politics etc. are concerned.



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